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What We Do

Managing a company, in any industry, means overcoming numerous challenges:

  • Producing better results with fewer marketing dollars
  • Knowing the latest technologies and leveraging them to support your objectives
  • Maximizing operational capacity without exceeding your resources

Doing more with less is always a challenge.

Logistic Innovations provides dependable event management expertise, technology and resources to help companies keep pace with industry demands. We offer an integrated approach to event management blending strategic planning with precise implementation whether it's volume or boutique lecture bureau and series meetings, professional events or distance learning forums. We support corporations, associations and non profit organizations applying creativity and our passion for excellence to every task.

Event Technology

Full-service Audiovisual Products & Services

Logistic Innovations is uniquely positioned to be able to offer our clients the best presentation equipment, at competitive prices, directly from the source. We offer:

  • State of the art audiovisual equipment
  • Specialty lighting, audio & projection systems
  • Concert quality sound systems
  • Exhibit and trade show services
  • Multimedia support and website design
  • Complete event staging
  • On-demand delivery, set-up and tear down

Fully Deployable & Portable Solutions

We offer two unique products that provide you everything you need for your presentation in one box. Meeting-in-a-Box™ and Gig-a Box® are perfect for meetings and events, traveling presenters, and corporate trainers, Meeting-in-a-Box™ and Gig-a-Box® are easy to use and contain everything you need for your presentation: a projector, screen and a laptop (and even some tools you may not have thought of).

Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box™
Meeting in a Box™ is ideal for small meetings, parties and functions. It is ideal for attorneys and legal professionals, doctors and health care professionals, educational events, sales meetings.

  • Shipped anywhere in the continental US
  • Toll-free technical support
  • 24-hour equipment replacement
  • Contains: Projector, laptop, fast fold screen, remote presenter & laser pointer

Gig-a-Box® is perfect for larger events of 60 to 100 people. This unique product provides the same great equipment in Meeting-in-a-Box™ plus a technician on-site and any additional equipment you will need.

  • Available anywhere in the continental US
  • Quick 30-minute setup time with a technician
  • Includes equalizer, 8-channel mixer and CD/DVD player
  • Several options available; provides 2 to 6 microphones

Meetings and Events
The nature any business is growth, change and staying on top of the latest advances. Business Professionals need dependable equipment that keeps pace with their hectic business schedules - so they turn to Meeting in a Box™. They know that they can count on Logistic Innovations to deliver their pre-tested presentation set-up right to the conference room at the hotel, restaurant, convention center or presentation site. Paired with a representative from Logistic Innovations LOGIC Network, this product ensures the successful logistic execution of any event.

Traveling Presenters
Traveling isn't what it used to be, and carrying your equipment with you on a plane can be a headache. That's why traveling presenters love Meeting in a Box™. It's no longer an issue due to the new small executive carry on case. Or they can reserve their equipment in advance and have it arrive at their presentation site - guaranteed to work and arrive on-time.

Corporate Trainers
Trainers that work in the corporate world like reliability and simplicity when traveling. The comfort and ease of Meeting in a Box™ means that they don't have to worry about their equipment - so they can focus on what matters most - their presentation.

The LOGIC Network

For Meeting Planners

Logistic Innovations hosts the LOGIC Network, a member-only organization of certified onsite meeting planners. Through the LOGIC Network, we are able to assign local meeting planners to any event in the US, ensuring the highest level of onsite management at a significant cost savings for our clients. All members of the LOGIC Network have completed specific training and certifications embrace Logistic Innovations best practices and are truly extensions of our in-office staff.

The LOGIC Network supports our industry colleagues by providing a comprehensive resource for independent meeting planners to network, and submit their credentials to become active in the LOGIC Network as certified network providers.

We welcome you to become part of our network, to apply please fill out our LOGIC Network application.

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