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What We Do

Managing a company, in any industry, means overcoming numerous challenges:

  • Producing better results with fewer marketing dollars
  • Knowing the latest technologies and leveraging them to support your objectives
  • Maximizing operational capacity without exceeding your resources

Doing more with less is always a challenge.

Logistic Innovations provides dependable event management expertise, technology and resources to help companies keep pace with industry demands. We offer an integrated approach to event management blending strategic planning with precise implementation whether it's volume or boutique lecture bureau and series meetings, professional events or distance learning forums. We support corporations, associations and non profit organizations applying creativity and our passion for excellence to every task.

Logistic Management

Planning & Design

When you engage Logistic Innovations for a project, you experience an unequalled level of service. Our expert personnel work directly with your team or with event managers to ensure successful, well-run meetings and events that achieve the desired goals and objectives. We then leverage our purchasing power to locate the best facilities at the best prices and negotiate and contract with the venue, vendors and manage all the AV requirements, providing customized reports throughout.

Strategic Audience Generation

Logistic Innovations uses geographic mapping techniques to uniquely identify target areas best suited for specific events and markets, which in turn provides maximum return on investment for our clients' events. Additionally, we utilize strategic recruitment tactics to better focus on mining highly-targeted attendees for each event. Our technology infrastructure imparts us with a streamlined, effective communications and management mechanism that ensures a seamless, organized event.

  • Location and target geographic mapping analysis
  • Physician extender matching
  • Results-based recruitment mechanisms
  • Audience communication services
  • Registration Services

Client Data Management

Our fully integrated proprietary CRM technology enables us to effectively track and manage budgets, schedules and other client communications effortlessly. Designed specifically for event management as well as recruiting and scheduling, it allows us to store and assess data and create custom reports for our clients. Our unique, budget-friendly financial management service allows us to manage multiple events and reconcile and balance budgets for multiple events simultaneously.

The LOGIC Network

For Meeting Planners

Logistic Innovations hosts the LOGIC Network, a member-only organization of certified onsite meeting planners. Through the LOGIC Network, we are able to assign local meeting planners to any event in the US, ensuring the highest level of onsite management at a significant cost savings for our clients. All members of the LOGIC Network have completed specific training and certifications embrace Logistic Innovations best practices and are truly extensions of our in-office staff.

The LOGIC Network supports our industry colleagues by providing a comprehensive resource for independent meeting planners to network, and submit their credentials to become active in the LOGIC Network as certified network providers.

We welcome you to become part of our network, to apply please fill out our LOGIC Network application.

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